Wagons LMS is the leading LMS Brand in India and across the world.

Wagons LMS is a very dynamic platform based on 6 basic principles. It is a designed ‘On the Go learning’ platform which is enabled for all the devices and is anywhere accessible.

About Us

We offer wide range of training capabilities customized for various job roles across the organization need.

With the presence of more than 30 unique features Wagons LMS is a perfect platform to deliver any type of training within the organization. Right from a user-friendly Interface to a detailed level customized reports with analytics, Wagons LMS does make your Learning interventions a Beautiful experience.

Online Learning made easy and affordable for Every Segment of your Business.

  • LMS for Employee Training & Development
  • Accounting Procedures Guidebook
  • Cost Accounting Fundamentals
  • Corporate Cash Management
  • SEO Optimization Services
  • Company Brand Solutions
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • LMS for Employee Training & Development
  • LMS for Sales Training
  • LMS for Customer Service Training
  • LMS for Operations Training
  • LMS for Compliance Training
  • LMS for Customers Training
  • LMS for Partners Training
  • LMS for Contractors Training
  • LMS for Suppliers Training

First Class Business Solutions for You

LMS for Employee Training & Development

Today’s most progressive companies know that employees consider training to be a benefit as valuable as healthcare. A recent study has shown, 95 percent of employees reported that they’d stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development...

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LMS for Sales Training

Most companies now realize the value of sales training and how it translates directly into revenue. Sales training is a dynamic process with regular changes in products and customer preferences. It’s a practice that demands steady training and a deep understanding ...

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LMS for Customer Service Training

Customer service skills training is designed to improve the productivity, presentation, and overall performance of your customer service team. It’s a crucial component in ensuring brand cohesion across all channels, touchpoints and platforms...

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LMS for Operations Training

Operations people are the unsung heroes behind your company’s productivity and performance. While they may not engage with customers directly, they have a tremendous behind-the-scene effect on customer experience...

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LMS for Compliance Training

Companies in highly regulated industries have complete understanding that compliance is serious business and ongoing employee training is a critical component to every organizations success...

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LMS for CUSTOMERS Training

Customer training is an integral part of major companies, especially in industries such as Tech, Consumer Electronics, or Automotive, but it really should be something they want to do considering...

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LMS for PARTNERS Training

Every organization’s success depends on how well their Channel partners, distributors, resellers, and vendors are managed. Just like in-house sales teams, channel partners require onboarding and ongoing...

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Wagons LMS offers a flexible, but powerful solution to offer training to contractors. It’s an anytime, anywhere, any device platform that meets the needs of a diverse and often remote workforce...

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LMS for SUPPLIERS Training

You can’t deliver the best to your customers unless you receive the best from your SERVICE PROVIDERS. Strategically managing suppliers is VERY critical to maintain competitive advantage for today’s global organizations...

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